How the Palestinians should win - a low intensity war

Whenever Israel kills 15 innocent people, it is a victory for the Palestinians. The people who die do not die in vain. The problem is that there must be revenge, but revenge often results in in the international media switching attention to the Israeli vistims, rather than the Palestinians victims of Isreali terror.

So what would be a good solution? Whenever Israel strikes an gets internationally condemed, wait for heavens sakes for the revenge. At least 2 weeks. Afte rthe two weeks, do not reply with a huge 20 people dead attack. Rather, killing settlers with guns - one or two each time - in a low intensity warfare, and at different locations is more likely to strike terror into the hearts of the Zionists, and will not be noticed internationally.

Because the Zionists are cowards, they will not send their soldiers into Palestine to revenge, they will use their airplanes. When that happens, there will be another big incident, and international condemnation will rain upon Israel again. It will look like the Israelis are attacking without provocation.


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