I just got trusted at Kuro5hin. In case you are one of those wierd people who actually visits my blog without having clicked on a link in my sig at K5, let me explain what K5 is. Kuro5hin is a collection of people in various degree of mental instability, and who are 'special' in that anyone can produce arguments out off their ass, and they don't notice the stink. It is mostly made up of white 20 year old geeks with little social skills, but there is a vocal minority of trans-sexual 26 year olds, and overweight 32 year olds.

Anyways, I got trusted, meaning that I can make the comments of people disappear. You only get trusted if you are very popular, so you can say that yes, I am very popular there.

My dilema now is that if I want to stay trusted, I'll have to tone down on the rhetoric, seeing as the place is crawling with Zionists. I'm going to have to end the fight for freedom. But if I do that to gain social acceptance, will I perhaps lose that very acceptance? Will my changed way lose me my silent friends?

I don't know, but one thing is clear - the fight for freedom for _all_ men shall continue, and it doesn't even matter if I lose trusted user status.


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