Read here the comments by various Zimbabweans to the crisis there. Notice the difference between the African stance and the Western one. The fact of the matter is that Zimbabweans want land reform. Fin.

Mugabe is not pressuring the people to take the land - he is holding them back as they rush to grab the land. Don't believe the propaganda.

We've all heard about the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda? But have you heard about the Arpatheid by the Tutsis on the Hutus? I'm currently researching this, and will soon post an extended article.


Capitalism is destroying Africa.

There is absolutely nothing worse than genetically modified food being imported into Africa. Read this. Let me break it down simply:

1. GE corn grows only once. The seed of the offspring do not grow.
2. If a country that has a famine accepts this type of corn, and plants it, then in the next year, they once again will have to buy corn, since their offspring will not grow.
3. Since it is a famine in any case, the country is poor, and will at some point not be able to afford the corn.
4. Mass starvation.

That is what is happened in Ethiopia. When Robert Mugabe refused to accept GE food from the US, unless it was ground, he was decried by half witted geeks all over the world as being racist. Actually, he made a very wise desision, and I am glad he made it.