The Bullet in my chest that sent me home

I've got a number of people asking me what happened. Well, it was all very unspectacular.

I was going out with a group of mercs two days after we started taking Man. We entered a Toyota 'Taliban' (those Toyota trucks that have pick-up backs, and seat 7), with a machine gun mounted. As we entered town, we came under fire from the roadside bushes. We returned fire, and a friend of mine - Akamba - started shooting with the machine gun. I automatically assumed that the enemy was on the side towards which he was shooting the gun, so I jump out of the truck and took cover on the other side, aiming my rifle at towards the fire. And got shot from behind.

It turns out that they had people on both sides of the road.

My merc troop dropped me in the Toyota, and retreated. There were too many of the enemy, and we were too few, anyways.


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