Fighting in the Ivory Coast

I'm home because I fucked up. I got shot in the chest, and they sent me back to South Africa. Once in SA, the shit really hit me. I was fucking killing people back on the Coast. I requested to be flown back to the semi-permanent base I call home. I'm now here, wrapped up in badages, and having trouble breathing properly.

The one thing I really remember was the house-to-house in Man. The government troops are so fucking incompetent. You know how they fight? The run into a house with AK47s, and just start shooting every single wall till everything living is dead. My mercenary company is really good, and we showed them how to properly take a house. Theoretically, one should break the door open, and expect someone to start shooting. It usually happens that way.

On the second day after we arrived, and wanted to take Man. I went along. King broke open a door, and we stood by the side. A local sergeant burst into the house shooting wildly. I actually heard the single shot that killed that man. His submachine fire stopped, and we knew there was at least one belligerent inside. I peeked in, and saw nobody.

King entered, threw a fast acting low density smoke/stun grenade inside, and we charged in. It turns out that there was a second door on the left, and the fighter was shooting from the inside of the door. He peeked out, and started shooting King with a semi-automatic gun with a fold back handle. He handled the rifle as if it were a pistol. He just kept shooting King, giving me extra time to target and shoot him.

It was my first kill, and it is not a nice sight when someones head caves in. He dropped to the floor, flailing his arms and legs. Some local army soldier started shooting him with an automatic. The bastard is dead!, I wanted to scream, you can stop now! But he just kept shooting. It was a young man of maybe 18. He didn't look like he had been fighting long, and on his face was this intensly concentrated look.

We searched the house, but found nothing more apart from a few civilian corpses upstairs. I didn't join the rest in the attack, but went back to the squat. I felt sick. I kept thinking of that caved in skull, and his arms flailing as he was being shot the second time.


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