I just got trusted at Kuro5hin. In case you are one of those wierd people who actually visits my blog without having clicked on a link in my sig at K5, let me explain what K5 is. Kuro5hin is a collection of people in various degree of mental instability, and who are 'special' in that anyone can produce arguments out off their ass, and they don't notice the stink. It is mostly made up of white 20 year old geeks with little social skills, but there is a vocal minority of trans-sexual 26 year olds, and overweight 32 year olds.

Anyways, I got trusted, meaning that I can make the comments of people disappear. You only get trusted if you are very popular, so you can say that yes, I am very popular there.

My dilema now is that if I want to stay trusted, I'll have to tone down on the rhetoric, seeing as the place is crawling with Zionists. I'm going to have to end the fight for freedom. But if I do that to gain social acceptance, will I perhaps lose that very acceptance? Will my changed way lose me my silent friends?

I don't know, but one thing is clear - the fight for freedom for _all_ men shall continue, and it doesn't even matter if I lose trusted user status.


How the Palestinians should win - a low intensity war

Whenever Israel kills 15 innocent people, it is a victory for the Palestinians. The people who die do not die in vain. The problem is that there must be revenge, but revenge often results in in the international media switching attention to the Israeli vistims, rather than the Palestinians victims of Isreali terror.

So what would be a good solution? Whenever Israel strikes an gets internationally condemed, wait for heavens sakes for the revenge. At least 2 weeks. Afte rthe two weeks, do not reply with a huge 20 people dead attack. Rather, killing settlers with guns - one or two each time - in a low intensity warfare, and at different locations is more likely to strike terror into the hearts of the Zionists, and will not be noticed internationally.

Because the Zionists are cowards, they will not send their soldiers into Palestine to revenge, they will use their airplanes. When that happens, there will be another big incident, and international condemnation will rain upon Israel again. It will look like the Israelis are attacking without provocation.

We don't need another hero.

Big words are easy to speak. Great deeds on the battlefield are easy to do. Every people gets freed from subjugation after a while. A hero leads them to freedom.

But peace does not need heroes. Peace needs equality for everybody, peace needs everyone to work together. After the battle is won, the heroes have got to leave the arena, and let the bakers, the teachers, the farmers continue the revolution.

Listen to my words Mugabe. Hear me, Arafat. We don't need another hero.

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Just test driving my blog. I actually wanted to write something interesting here, but I've lost my mojo for that.

How easy is it to actually write about nothing, simply so that you can see how it looks on your weblog page? It must be quite difficult, because after a while there seems to be very little to say. Unless, of course, you write about exactly how little there is to say. I regularly hold long conversations on how one cannot ahve a long conversation anymore, seeing as there is next to nothing one has to say to other people.

In exactly the same way, this post is just a space filler, a lot of talk, but nothing said, sort of like the right honourable President Bushes important speech on the middle east a while ago.


Welcome to psychologists weblog. I'm still considering my options.


Mission: Congo & Equitorial Guinea

These are the archive pages for the congo mission

I'm finally employed again
Whoaw, we are moving today
Leaving South Africa
I've just driven 900 kilometers
A dead man in my hands
Our men are leaving
VJ died today
Almost all our soldiers are gone
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Extras: The closest thing to crazy: http://psychologist.blogspot.com/2004_05_24_psychologist_archive.html

This page is backdated to provide information about me and my missions.

About me

My name is John Ben-Younes. I am half American, and half Tunisian. I was born in Tunisia, but studied in America. After I was done studying, I worked for several years for the American military. After Sept. 11th, my entire unit was dissolved, and I moved to South Africa to start a new life. I subcontracted for Executive Outcomes for a while, and after the gov shakeup, worked for smaller security companies. I have worked in a lot of places around the world, from Europe to the Middle East to Africa. The missions are usually well paid, and the risk is not always significant.

My blog is not published on a time-scale that matches what I am doing. It is delayed sometimes, sometimes it is not. Sometimes the entries are written but are not uploaded, sometimes they are written directly into the web, sometimes they are about things that happened in the past. I do not have time to always be at a computer to post regularly, and I just do this to clear my mind, not for you to read.

Mission: America

This page orders the events that happened in the America mission in a sequential manner. To understand the story, read the posts in the order they appear on this page.

So far:

1. I return from the Congo Jungle to South Africa

2. I meet with Jacob to receive instructions on my new mission
3. I arrive in America
4. I hit the road