Fighting for Iraq
I’m a professional soldier, and Iraq is picking up soldiers at almost any price. If you have creds, contact me, and I can hook you up. I’ve been negotiating for the past 2 weeks, and together with a number of ex/current merenaries that the new south African laws against our groups hit as hard as they hit me, we’ve come to Iraq to do special operations. The men are all special forces – i.e, men with special skills, and we are going to do reconn, site placement, sabotage, mixing, etc. We are getting paid good because we all can produce fluent American accents, so we can infiltrate groups, if need be. I’ve never done infiltration, but I have done civilian spying, as well as worked for American agencies, so I am one of the best men for this work.

And how am I going to continue to update this weblog from Iraq? Our crew is hightech, and we have got 10 suitcase satellite dishes, and I’ve got a PocketPC as well as a small laptop. Whenever we rest, I will type out the stories of the day, and when I can connect, I will do so and send them. So do not be suprised if there are multiple posts at roughly the same time describing events far apart. Also, I will have to delay sensitive stuff till it is no longer dangerous to publish.

I’m not sure if the Americans are going to block radio signals, but I hardly think so. Iraq has given us a large sum of money, and it is safeguarded in Jordan right now, and when we come back, we will collect. So I plan to return.


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