First attack, and more info on my mission

Sorry that I cannot write in my usual poetic style, but I do not have enough time for that. Maybe later, when I have some space to breath.

Okay, so I've found out a bit more about why we are here. I don't know the details, but it has something to do with destabilization, which is somehow or the other related to oil. I have a guess as to what we are doing, but I do not want to speculate prematurely.

Anyways, so we landed on some tiny air strip some 7 days ago. This is in a country where the national airports have subsized runways, and this strip we landed on was not even in use. It was tiny. The pilot jammed his brakes like he was jam master j, and some fellow chipped a tooth on the seat of his neighbour.

The plane stopped okay, and we went out and started offloading. About 30 minutes later, about 7 GM pickups arrived. These are those extremely wide american trucks, with pickup backs, and space for about 10 people in the front. We offloaded large machine guns into the pickups, as well as some smaller combat gear. It was mostly anti-personal weapons, no anti-aircraft, and not even mortars.

Okay, so some south african comes up, and his is apparently our major. He separates the group according to race, and the black and coloreds are to take the trucks inwards into some town. The whites jump in one of the trucks (empty, and blue instead of black like the others), and leave. Some half-indian guy is placed in charge of our group, and I am made his leftenant. The titles don't really matter anyways, everyone does their job out here.

Anyways, we start off driving. Everyone has to drive in shifts, and we are not so many. So I'm driving this heavily loaded pickup through village streets, offroad and all for hundreds of kilometers.

About 200 km before we reach our destination, the truck out in the front came on some police checkpoint. Someone had a machine gun or something, on any case, those police men were shot. As I drove past, it seems to me that they had been shot to shreds. Apart from that, we didn't meet anymore police.

What was interesting is that often, a car would appear on the other end of the road kilometers away, would see our convoy, and then stop. It would sit there like a frightened animal, and as soon as we were near enough for them to see the machine gun mounted on the back of the truck, they would scurry off, and disappear into the next side road (which was sometimes kilometers down). In one case, a bus full of natives stopped by the side of the road, and the entire bus ran off into the bush. That was funny at the time.

So after about 3 days of driving, we arrived in some city that apparently had been taken over by either our people or our allies. The town was a normal town, but the huts and houses were armed caches. A bit scary, the amount of ammunition in this town was. Anyways, we stayed there for a while, and rested.

Then we drove out into the capital, with a number of our allies. We directed the attack, and our orders were not to win, but to frighten. The battle went well, but some african idiots had to jump around like monkeys and get captured. Let me tell you how to shoot: POINT, AIM, SHOOT. Do not SHOOT, POINT IN GENERAL DIRECTION, and forget all about the AIM.

I got a bullet lodged in my helmet.

I'm going to contact the other team and see what we are to do next. Our leader, Mr. VeeJay, seems to have Malaria.