I'm finally employed again

Like I've been talking about, I've not been doing aynthing useful for the last few months. After Iraq, and a lot of middle-east hopping, I settled down, and tried out a number of jobs. But I don't really have much of an interest in normal jobs. So I've been looking around for a job in the field again.

I scouted around, and someone must have mentioned my name somewhere, because this fellow called "Jack" called me up. He said that he knew I was good with computers, and that I had access to a lot of underground information channels (from my time in the U.N, as well as contacts to the russian hacker underground). There is a mercernary information channel I am part of, but they also have access to that. That is one of my assets.

Also, they know I play with high-tech toys, and that I have good contacts in hong-kong and malaysia that can be covered up over my fathers companies, as well as Jasmines business in Lebanon.

He has only given me a rough sketch of what we are going to do, but it has something to do in an African country. I do not think it has anything to do with equitorial guinea like those other mercenaries who got captured. They won't tell me yet.

Anyways, so he called me up to capetown yesterday, and I drove up down there. He had a nice house up on waterfront, quite large, and he called me in. He was a large sort of fellow, quite soft, so I he must be some type of recruiter or something, he does not look like he does field work.

He explained the details to me, and offered me 400 000 rand for a couple of months of activity, nd prhaps a bit more later if I conitnue working witht em.

He said that I would get standard guns and all, but that this would not really be a warfare mission, but something a bit covert, even if a bit open.

I'll keep you posted.