Leaving South Africa

I've been told the destination where we are going to go to. It is an African country, and though I know exactly what we are going to do, I cannot mention it at this time. It is a bit of a secret mission, but I will tell you when the time is right.

In any case, we are now in a comfortable charter plane, and are high-high in the sky, cruising towards our possible deaths. I'm feeling very good, frankly :)

I'm not yet feeling fear, but maybe that will come later. The early morning clouds are drifting by, and this cabin is darned cold.

The fellow beside me (currently asleep), has my same name "John", but they call him Bushman for some reason. His face is a bit droopy on one side, he told me that it is because of some operation gone wrong that paralysed his face. The nerves are rebuilding though, and in a bout a year, it will be fixed.

Did you know that from this altitude, you can pick up the signals of near to 100 satellites? And that you can pick up flashes of ground walky talky conversations?

Well, I'll keep y'all posted, and if I get the opportunity, will post a diary when we land and arrive safely.

Now, back to watching my green mile DVD, I love that film. There is so much pathos in that film. I identify with that big black man.