Our men are leaving

For some reason i do not know, the local "rebel" army has started disappearing. Yesterday, we had about 200 men, today, I doubt there are even 100. There has been talk about witchcraft, mostly because veejay is in some kind of delirium, and foams every now and then at the mouth.

And the nearbye river is covered in small insects and death-flowers. Those small flowers the grow on rotting meat. It is because of the corpses that were dumped there.

Yesterday, one of the locals shot one of our men, maybe by accident, maybe in anger. I was not there, I just heard a shot.

He was taken out of the camp, and I think they executed him. The shot fellow, his name was patrick, was on the floor screaming, and rolling from left to right. The whole situation is a bit sick.

It is this damn forest. It is so wet and drippy and slimy. In the nights, the sound of crickets is overpowering. And the frogs honk and honk, and then go off for a while. a few minutes later, they restart.

The forest does not want us in its belly. It is trying to vomit us out.

I've not heard any word from the other team - and they are the ones that are supposed to direct us to where we are to go to. My communications are working fine, my radios are working, my satellite links are okay. But no signal, nothing.

People are getting bored and loud here. The SA men are playing cards and gambling.