Whoah, we are moving today

I got a call about 30 minutes ago from Jack, and he said that I had not only be accepted, but that I would have to fly this night out to the Free State province, and that I'd meet the rest of the crew there.

I'm currently in a twelvy flyer, and my satellite reception, though flickering every once in a while seems to be okay. I'm posting this from up in the clouds.

From what I've been told, we are going to ship tommorow, and the men have actually been pending for two weeks or so, and have been waiting for some guy.

Not me, I'm not so important. They were waiting for some sort of science fellow, something to do with poisons or chemicals or something. Jack just mentioned it in passing, and this is the sort of thing sometimes we never find out, even after the mission os complete.

So actually I'm quite lucky to have gotten on this team, and hearing that they are not going to do anything particularly dangerous, and nothing undercover, that is good. I hate undercover, because I'm usually the guy selected to blend in with the local men.

So what do I have on this trip?

Well, my old equipment mostly:

1. My army grade laptop (I bought the same model again after burying the last one in the desert). It has an integrated satellite receiver and transmitter, and has about 10 different satellites it can choose from, mostly in Europe, but also a few Americans.
2. A small flat transmitter. A 1 cm cube, with boards printed with transparent chrystals. It is difficult to find out what it does without training in espionage electronics. It can be wrapped in many things
3. A PDA. Yes, I finally succumbed to the passion and bought one. Also added a GPS receiver and a map software.
4. Radio flares. These radios can pulse signals for 24 hours. Either to satellites or regional
5. A mobile gsm/satellite phone. The most useful equipment ever.

So I'm travelling light this time. They did not request me to bring anything else, so I didn't.

I'll meet up with the fellows in about 2 hours, and in 10 to 15 hours we should be on a plane moving towards our destination.