Almost all our soldiers are gone

Something is happening that we have not figured out yet. We have not heard from the other team in more than a week now, the rebel army that we were to work with has left us, our commander is dead. We are about 15 men and 10 boys left over from the hundreds we had just two weeks ago.

People are getting sick. The most disturbing thing is the stink that is coming from something here. I think it is the river. We threw vj, our ex-commander into the river, and it carried him away. Nobody was in the mood to bury him.

I do not think we are in any state to fight a war. I've been trying to get through to the other team, but they are neither replying their mails nor picking up their phone.

I'll wait exactly 24 more hours, and I'll advice the men that we should leave this place. We still have 2 pick-ups left, and it might be a bit tight on them, but we'll make it.