This is no war!

It is a camping trip with 5 good friends sitting around and buying local beer. I came out here to fight, and I am fighting against boredom.

We are now 5 people:

1. Johnny (me)
2. Xavier (Radio man)
3. Bobo (dunno what he is, soldier?)
4. Rich (mechanic)
5. Johnson (driver)

Whooooooooo! I'm stil a bit drunk from yesterday night. We left the bush, and are now in a small "hotel" in a small town.

Yesterday, we hired 3 local girls to entertain us. They sat around and gossiped with each other, and every once in a while, one would wander off for a few minutes with a man to the single room, and then come back to resume the discussion like there had been no interruption.

The head of the village came to us yesterday, and brought us a small chicken. He came to us 5 armed men, with his son holding the fowl, and said in English

"I'd like to offer you my cock".

And we started giggling like girls. I've noticed a lot of gayness developing amongst the other men. Thank goodness there are no bulletholes around.

So we still are absolutely in the dark about what the other team is doing. We have decided to drive the 1500 km out to where the others are to be, and find out what happened to our mission.