The sound of congolese music

I was listening to music. It was a gentle song, a song about love. I had headphones on, and I lay on a mat in a room. Then there was a muted crash, and liquid raced underneath the door, closely followed by a blood red streak of flame. The floor burst into flame, and there was a gutwrenching stench of petrol, smoke and fire in the room.

I dragged myself out of the way, and grabbed my gun. I pushed open the shutters of the hut, and jumped out, my arms shivering and my teeth chattering. There was a woman crouched beside my hut, and I shot her twice in the head.

Immediately, there was an answering roar of a large gun. I hid beside the body of the women, and struggled to insert the chain of bullets into my gun. As I did so, I heard the gunfire increase, and it seemed to me that there must be an army in the village. There wer gunshots coming from everywhere. I fitted the bullets into the gun, and held the gun in front of me.

I ran out into the street, and started shooting at every moving thing I saw. I saw 3 soldiers, and gunned them down. I saw two more run out of a hut, and I shot them. Smoke rose from the sides of my gun. A few villagers ran out of home, and I shot two of the children before realising that there were not on my side.

Then I heard a machine gun roar behind me, and saw bullets hit the ground around me. I felt burning sand hit my legs. I turned around, and saw corpses on the ground, and then saw soldiers behind me. There must have been around 50, and they were all shooting at something or the other. There was a large vehicle with a machine gun mounted on it, and the gun was pointing directly at me.

I grunted, dropped my gun, and started running. The gun roared again in my direction, and I saw the mud wall of the house in front of me shatter. I ran, ran as fast as I could, and yet it seemed so slow.

I jumped over a shrub, running towards the bushes.

From the left corner of my eyes, I saw two soldiers running towards me, shouting and holding automatic rifles in their arms. I felt like an animal being hunted down, and I felt my slipper tear. I jumped, bounded, and reached the forest. I ran into the undergrowth, and felt it tear my trousers. I felt thorns enter my legs.

The men continued to shout, and then one of the them started to shoot. The clack clack of his gun sounded so near, like the voice of death whispering into your ear. I continued to run, and ran into a farm. I saw blood on the leaves, and saw a body on the floor. It was a man, and he was crawling, and dripping blood.

I jumped over him, and he looked up for a moment. There was blood between his teeth, and his eyes were dripping with tears. He looked at me like I was not there.

I ran into the dark jungle, and continued running. For an hour, I continued to jog through the bush, till it got too thick to run anymore. But still, I could hear the distant banging of guns being fired in anger.

And I stopped running. And as I stopped, I noticed that I could hear music. I felt on my head, and I still had headphones on. The song had changed, and now it was the deep drums of the congo playing, a primal beat mixed with the screams of a woman.

My headphones were connected to my computer, which was in my bag, which was still strapped to my back. But I had no electricity, and my batteries will only last for 20 more hours.

I have no food, I have no shoes, I have no compass, I have no gps device, but I have a computer with a satellite internet connection. And I have some money, and everything else that was in my wallet.

I have to somehow figure out how to use my satellite radio connection to discover where I am. I'm sure it is possible. Then I have to get out of here, this is a jungle, and it is getting dark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your email addy?

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuckign sweet ,dude!!! you totaly rock write sumething about zombies or shit next!!!!

9:08 AM  
Blogger John said...

My email addy is johnyounes@gmail.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you have all that proper jungle traing LMAO

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