I landed in the LA International airport, and checked into my room at the holiday inn. In a few hours, I got a call telling me that my Jeep had arrived, and was parked in the lobby.

An hour before then, I had called up an escort service, and a pretty and slim blonde, called Kirsty had made her way to my room. She had a nice diamond shaped face, wore blue jogging trousers and a pink shirt, and she didn't have anything on underneath the trousers. I spent a nice time with her, spoke a bit about her while watching Fox news.

I bought some bottles of whisky at the bar, took them up to my room, went to the Jeep, pressed a button underneath the dashboard. A part of the engine unlocked, I went over and took out a couple of pistols, an Isreali Uzi, and an AK47 with foldback handle and a small blood stain in the corner. I dropped them into a specially prepared suitcase, and stopped at the hotel shop.

I bough a white shirt with small stripes, bought some cigarettes and went back to my room. Kirsty was still there, so I went into the bathroom and put one pistol in my footstrap, wore a thin bulletproof vest I had brought along from SA, then stuck the other pistol into the shoulderstrap (which is part of the vest). I wore a white shirt on top of that, and put a grey suit on top of that. I stuck on a small hat.

I went back into the room, lit the cigarette and watched Kirsty watch television. I poured some whisky, put some coke inside, and drank.

I switched on my laptop and waited for it to link up to our satellite. We have dedicated channels on some South African satellites. They claim that those channels are used for deforestation work, but some fellow in the tech ministry is getting very rich by allowing us use those channels. Communication is encoded, and it is only with special software that the channels can be used. It takes about 15 minutes before the computers can link up, since they have to wait for some key or something. This message that it is waiting for a "key" is always on the software for ages, before it suddenly starts working. The antennaes are very small.

After I was connected, I referenced a fellow and asked him to provide ID for me. In a day or so, I would get a contact address where I would get fake passports, registered numbers for my guns, police IDs, and the neccesary software to receive relayed American police channels on my computer. The info is not reliable, since it depends on our russian hackers to crack the codes in order for us to be able to observe their satellite broadcasts.

I went down and bought myself a cell phone. I went back up and gave Kirsty $4000, kissed her and told her to leave. I took a photo with her, just to put in my diary. I like keeping my memories in paper. She was a nice girl, a nice lay, and I like her voice.

I went downstairs into the Jeep, took off the hubcabs, scratched the body a bit, made it look a bit old. Then I drove out towards wilmington, called a contact I had been given called Pedro. I landed at his home, a flat in a 3 story building, and went in. He greeted me at the door, and I went in.

We didn't speak too much, he just showed me a room, and I'm sitting in here now, typing this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

:)P, Now that you've gotten laid, chill out a bit, and don't take things so seriously. After all, you are in the states, and most of your friends or, should i say foes live here, enjoy.

6:45 PM  
Blogger John said...

I'm not here for pleasure, I'm here to make money and make my life a bit more exciting. Maybe I'll walk by one of the readers of my blog sometime, but neither of us will ever know we know each other.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize that, and that's exactly why i like posting comments on your blog. You will never know who I am, and I will never know you. Peace be with you. An avid reader.

6:48 PM  
Blogger John said...

Thanks :)

11:44 AM  

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