Cape of Storms

I arrived yesterday at the airport, and tasted the air. It was warm and had the special smell that is South Africa. I came out, my rucksack over one shoulder, and stopped for one small moment as I stepped out on the ground.

Everything was so normal, things were moving normally, people were smiling and laughing, nobody looked at me, and there was no fear.

Johnson, my driver was waiting for me at the gates, and smiled broadly when he saw me arrive. He was so happy that I was back, he always was, and I’m not sure I understand why. He is going to have to work now, and not just laze around like he does when I am not there. But he didn’t seem to think in those terms, he just chattered on happily about all the changes that had happened since I had been gone.

He remarked on how I had lost weight as we drove. The air conditioner was on, and that special feeling came across me, that feeling of peace. It comes when you lie back in a large SUV, the air conditioner on, and a driver taking you home. It is the feeling of normality, the feeling that everything will be alright, that nobody will be dying, the feeling that you can relax.

We drove into the gates, and my gateman saluted as he opened the gate. He is old and simple, a little bit strange in the head, but he is dedicated. He seems to live for his work, I have never seen any family, and even though he is not supposed to stay till late, he does so anyways.

He cackled loudly as I drove in, and I waved to him.

We got the things out of the car, and placed them into the house. I live in a bungalow in an estate, reasonably high classed, good surroundings, with a gate, a shared pool, and a clubhouse. It is nice.

I went in, tore off my clothes and threw them into the rubbish bin. I went and took a loose pair of trousers and a Hawaii shirt. I grabbed my wallet and left the house. Outside, my cat spied me and slinked over to rub across my legs. It is a black cat, and we are not particularly close.

I walked out, across to the clubhouse, pulled up a chair next to the pool, dropped myself into it, and ordered a drink. I took out my cell phone, and started calling people I knew.

I was home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, how do you get your weapons etc, back into your country? If you're allowed to answer that question.

8:30 PM  
Blogger John said...

I don't. If I travel alone, I dump all my weapons, but take my electronics. If I'm travelling with the company, we go in a charter plane, and carry the weapons with us.

10:40 PM  
Blogger jon said...

While searching for new central air conditioner info for my house I stumbled onto your blog. I totally agree!


6:53 PM  

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