I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth

The boy was dragged into the room screaming, and flailing his legs. He tried to punch at the men holding him, but they were hulking and efficient, and had done this many times before. He was dumped in a chair, and I heard strap buckles klink. Then I heard his gasp and the creak of leather as the straps were pulled tight.

I turned around holding a syringe in my hand. He stopped moving and looked up at me, his eyes round and big like those of a little boy. He was afraid, probably the most afraid he had ever been in his life, even though a lot of that life had been spent escaping death on the streets. And of course, bringing death, because he was a member of a gang. It was tattood across his bare chest.

I was grim, and my face was furrowed in concentration; he saw that I did not care about him. So he shrunk back in the chair that was nailed to the ground, trying to get away from me.

I squeezed his strapped arm and drove the needle into it, drew a small amount of blood into the syringe, and let him watch. I waited for him to stop jerking around, then emptied the syringe into his body.

He screamed and panted, moving up and down in the chair. I smiled and filled another syringe from a second bottle and injected it into him. Then I inject the contents of a 3rd syringe, this time a green thick liquid into him. Then I connected a computer to his arm, biting the leads into the flesh, and we both watched the graphs run wild.

I spoke.

"You will die the most terrible death you can imagine. Your body will rot, your flesh will start to fall off, your penis will die and decay, your toes will break off, you tongue will turn to slush. You will feel pain in a manner you have never felt before, and you will rip your own flesh off your body. You are doomed.

You have one last chance. In exactly 3 minutes, the chemicals will reach critical mass and from that moment on, you will surely die. Till then, I can inject you with this other chemical, and it will destroy the catalyst, meaning nothing will happen to you. Now, will you tell us what we want to know or not?

If you tell us, your gang may kill you. If you do not tell us, you WILL die. The choice is yours."

He blubbered and drooled and cried at the same time. A streak of blood ran from his nose, he was so nervous a pipe had burst somewhere. And he spoke.

When he was done, I injected him with the last syringe, and watched him being carried away, crying like the little boy he was. He was 16 or 15, an easy job.

The syringes I threw away, the bottle contents I emptied, it was all just water. Torture is a bit like magic, the trick itself is not important, it is the show that makes it worth its while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just how low will you stoop, after all, it was just a kid. How important was the information he had, was it vital to homeland security? A matter of life and death to hundreds or thousands! I can't imagine someone having your education (or so you say) doing that to another human being. It sucks, and so do you!

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That gives new meaning to the term "Water torture". :)

10:48 AM  
Blogger John said...

I'm here to do my job, not to think about people as sufferers. How could a soldier kill if he can imagine the pain of the enemy. And how important exactly is "homeland security"? What IS "homeland security" apart from some ill-defined scare-mongering status-quo-maintaing phrase?

I will never work for the American government again. When they need you, the treat you like a king, once you become a liability, they discard you like toilet paper, and if you dare speak against them, they send dogs to hunt you down like an animal.

I'm working for Jacob, and he has hands in various business, which are this or that side of the law.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Send dogs to hunt you down" Are you saying, the same applies to the American public as well?

1:38 PM  
Blogger John said...

You'd be surprised how many Americans have been hunted down like dogs and killed. You'd be suprised at what the undercover units of the CIA do. You'd be suprised at what I have done, as an american agent.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't doubt what you are saying, After all, one prez, (i won't call names) had a women killed, and it was covered up. With money and political power, of coarse.

7:53 PM  

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