The woman in the mens warehouse

Around 5 in the evening, the door of the warehouse was flung open, and a thick beam of sunlight cut through. Dust slowly floated across the beam. The man operating the planing machine switched it off, and the screaming whine slowly died out. Spots of molten metal glowed on the floor.

The three of us were turned towards the door, looking to see who would come in.

A man came in, speaking loudly in spanish to someone who was still outside the door. Then a second man came in, carrying someone across his shoulder. They hurried in, closed the door after them and dropped the person being carried on the floor. Blood crept out from the person and moved slowly across the floor.

We were all watching, none of us moving. Then Pedro stood up slowly, and in his heavily accented english, asked them what they were doing.

"She is dying, the gal is รจ dying"

We moved over to her, and I was profoundly shocked. It was Kirsty, the callgirl I had fucked in Los Angeles town. Where did they find her, I said loudly. Where did she come from, I repeated.

She had been in the area, I was told, and people had started shooting. One of the two men had seen her before the gunbattle, and thought she was cute. So her wanted to rescue her.

Take her to a hospital, Pedro said.

No, no, P, I said. You do not meet the same people two times in this city. Something is strange here, let us take her back home, I want to question her.

I looked over her wounds, and I did not think they were too serious. She had a hole on the right side of her chest, but she was not spitting blood, so I thought her lungs had been hit. I would look more carefully when we got home. I have seen many gunshot wounds, and I did not think this one was serious.

We wrapped her in a sheet, dumped her in the car and drove home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeeeease, don't leave us hanging in mid-air like this, finish the story. I was hanging on the edge, and it ended.
So finish.

5:37 PM  
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