Part 2: A longer block

I've decided to write out the columbia trip in the form of a small book. So it will take a while, but when I post it, it will be long.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay How are things!
I think someone should take Malabo E.G. because the president is very sick with AIDS and hep A/B, How do i Know this? because i was talking with a lady that knows his care giver that takes care off him while he is there in his big house out on the point or near the mobil compond "Abayak"his armed forces are a bunch of retards, i would observe them when i would sit at the patio of The Pizza Place and there actions in how they handle themselves and on my way to work all the "retards" would be sleeping at there posts all of there movment would be during the day at the air port and in town, I have other info if you our someone you know might be interested, i will send an
e-mail address how someone can contact me

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone R.S.V.P to what I wrote in the above note!!!!!!!!
I am interested in going back to E.G and geting things taken care of.

11:23 AM  

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