I’ve been working for about 3 months now as a security guard. I work for a big security company, and we guard high risk targets. For example, when the president is going somewhere, the company is hired, and sends people who walk around in the crowds (with concealed guns). When rich men are going to dangerous places, they usually call us up.

Anyways, I was working on valuables transport. What we do is sit in black cars and speed through the country carrying “things” in the car. Everyone is armed to the teeth, and usually, nobody knows what we are carrying. Apart from like 3 guys, only one of which is outside the main car where the thing is being transported.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, we were heading towards Pretoria from the cape when the car at the head of the convoy suddenly slowed down. Then it started banking to the left and slowly rolled to the side of the road, and slowed to a halt.

The Jeeps sped around the car, and stopped in a sort of protective circle. We all jumped out, everybody pointing guns in various directions. I looked over at the small car, a black Toyota sedan, and there were bullet holes in the windscreen. By this time, the crowd of armed men were slowly approaching the car, walking cautiously and slowly.

Some guy approached the car, and looked into the window. There was a burst of gunfire from the window, and it smashed into tiny pieces, which fell to the floor. The man who was shot grabbed his face, took two steps backwards, stumbled and fell. As he fell, I saw that half his face was missing.

We all ran back towards our cars, threw ourselves behind the cars, taking cover first of all. When I turned round to look, I saw that someone with a gun, one of the security guards, was running down the road, trying to shoot backwards over his shoulder towards us.

There was a single shot and he stumbled. Then there were roars of tens of guns shooting the man. He fell on his knee, and even as he fell, I saw chunks of his flesh being ripped out by bullets.

After 5 minutes, we were back in the cars, and speeding onwards. As my car drove past his body, I saw that his entire body was in a pool of blood. He was ripped apart.

I never heard the full story of who he was, what he wanted, or why he shot. All I heard was that he was a robber, part of some larger group.

What I think of sometimes is how he felt when he was running down that long straight highway. There were no bushes on either side of the road, there was nowhere to hid. All one could was run, but there was no hope in running. I wonder how he felt, knowing that in a few moments, bullets would tear into his body. And I wonder why he even ran.


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And i thought my life was interesting

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh South Africa, you love it or....or you don't :D ...or both? I'll never deny I'm South African, I'm still proud somehow, must be some kind of invisible bond to your birthplace...

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